First School of Trading

The First School of Trading is an up-to-date academic project of the ART CAPITAL company, combining unique teaching techniques, professional approach and breakthrough trading technologies and providing the most comprehensive knowledge on how to efficiently and successfully invest on the stock market. The teaching system of the First School of Trading comprises several levels, optimally tailored to suit the needs of customers with various backgrounds. The learning process takes place in cooperation with Ukrainian Exchange.

Basic Course introduces the audience to the fundamentals of the stock market. The course includes regular seminars held at the company headquarters or at regional branches and webinars broadcast from the Stock Exchange Channel.
Beginner Course combines theory and practice in a unique way. The seminar will prepare you for rigorous participation in the stock market. Capitalize on the knowledge accumulated by our employees to fast-track your progress toward successful trading. The online version of the program is available as well.
Trader Course has been designed to familiarize the audience with practical methods of trading in stocks. The course consists of five modules on how to build a portfolio and perform technical analysis and computer analysis of the stock market. The material of the course targets traders possessing basic knowledge of technical and computer analysis and wishing to hone their forecasting skills.
Professional Course. If you have experience working on the stock market and wish to update your knowledge and learn from stock market professionals, you need to attend the master-classes given by the leading traders of the ART CAPITAL company.
ART CAPITAL also facilitates distance learning.
Owners of the ART CAPITAL Club cards are entitled to discounts when taking the courses.
To participate in the academic programs and receive additional information, please contact the manager of the First School of Trading at (044) 490-51-85 or, fill out a form, and our employees will be in touch with you.


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