29 апреля 2010

Cabinet feels comfortable

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At the government bond placement on Tuesday, April 27, the Ministry of Finance managed to increase sales of government bonds in 2.2 times, compared with the previous auctions, up to UAH 2.786bn, despite the fact that yield for the bonds was slightly reduced - up to 11.5-14% per annum. Betting demand slowed markedly, allowing the Finance Ministry to accept 74 out of 132 submitted applications, whereas a week earlier, the ratio was 17 accepted to 116 submitted. The threshold yield level for the most "short" 6- and 11-month government bonds was 16%, 3-year ones - 20%, and 3-year special ones (for financing the preparation of the Euro2012) - 14.5%. At the same time the demanded minimum yield has declined substantially: the "short" securities - up to 11-11.5%, special bonds - 10.5%, 3-year ones - 13% per annum. The biggest volume of funds raised was for targeted and 11-month bonds - respectively UAH 1.3bn and UAH 1.08bn, while the sales of 6- month bonds amounted to UAH 0.25bn and 3-year bonds – UAH 0.16bn.

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