Trust Management

We offer You to dramatically lower Your risks and conserve Your time by entrusting your money to an experienced professional trust manager – AMC ART CAPITAL Management.
Why is it profitable to hand assets over to trust management:

  • When You have handed over Your assets to a professional manager, experienced specialist will represent Your interests on the market by acting within the framework of the strategies agreed with You.  
  • You will have at Your disposal the professional opportunities and competitive advantages of AMC ART CAPITAL Management for the placement of Your corporate resources and personal savings on the financial market.
  • One of the features of this service is managers’ direct interest in the final result – their remuneration is proportional to the profit earned by the Client. The Client is therefore entitled to expect maximum return from the managers when implementing an individual approach within the framework of the strategy.
  • It is also noteworthy that, whenentrusting the assets, there is no transfer of property rights from the Client to the managing company, so the assets thus entrusted are not subject to collection for repayment of the managing company’s debt.

Starting conditions:
Amount of investment: above UAH 500,000.
Investment horizon: over one year.
Possible working scenarios:
1. Creating a portfolio of our funds’ securities.
The cost of setting up a portfolio equals the trader’s fee at the time of the placement of the funds’ shares.
The remuneration of the managing company is not charged on the Client basis but accounted for in the remuneration from all of the funds’ net assets as stipulated in the funds’ Policies and Procedures.
2. Creating a portfolio of assets.
The remuneration of the managing company is based on:

  • The part of the portfolio comprising the securities of our funds, as in item 1.
  • The part of the portfolio that is formed separately – based on trust management tariffs depending on the chosen strategy.

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