Private Investors

IG ART CAPITAL offers private investors cooperation in the following areas:

Internet trading

Internet trading facilitates purchases and sales of securities on the stock exchange in the real-time mode through the universal brokerage system interface and allows for instantaneous response to changes in market conditions, without the need to directly connect to the broker.

ART CAPITAL offers its clients the “Art in Trade” service as an efficient way of independent investment in securities on the Ukrainian Exchange and PFTS.

Classical brokerage
The brokerage service is intended for clients who prefer to independently control their investment management process.
The service is meant for investors who can make their own investment decisions but also need prompt delivery of market information and professional broker advice.
Classical brokerage allows for a return that is potentially larger than that derived from other investment products.
Asset management             To AMC ART CAPITAL Management
Investment funds under the management of ART CAPITAL Management are capable of satisfying investment preferences of a wide base of Clients preferring to place small or large amounts of capital, be conservative or ready take serious risks.
Investment in securities is a systematic professional activity that takes significant amounts of resources, both tangible and intangible, and is time-consuming. Receiving a return on investment requires profound knowledge of the market and many years’ experience. Lowering the risk is possible by entrusting securities investment to skilled experts.
Trust management of securities enables You to build a personal investment portfolio of securities which meets Your individual requirements.
First School of Traiding
This educational project includes both the free basic seminars and paid master classes for experienced investors.
Lectures and seminars of the First School of Traiding are useful not only for beginner investors, planning to work and earn money on the securities market, but also for advanced investors, as the workshop material is revealed in the order of increasing complexity: from the simple to the more professional. Thus, depending on their professional knowledge and on the level of their involvement in the market, the potential investor may choose the workshop covering their interests, without wasting time on material they already know.
Investor academy offers a chance to directly communicate with the leading practitioners of the stock market.


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