Investor Academy

We welcome you at "Investor Academy” – an educational project of ART CAPITAL Investment Group, in the framework of which free basic seminars, paid workshops and specialized seminars for experienced investors are held.

Lectures and seminars of the Investor Academy will be useful not only for beginner investors,  planning to work and earn money on the securities market, but also for advanced investors, as the workshop material is revealed in the way of increasing complexity: from the simple to the more professional. Thus, depending on their profile knowledge and on the level of their involvement in the market, the potential investor may choose the workshop covering their interests, without wasting time on the material they already know.

Investor Academy is an opportunity for full-time communication with the leading practitioners of the stock market.

We invite you to the following educational events:

  • Free lectures and seminars for beginner investors and anyone who wants to learn more about the stock market, practical aspects of Internet trading, fundamentals of investing in stocks, open-ended equity funds, as well as opportunities and services ART-CAPITAL investment group provides;

  • Special workshops and master classes from the leading specialists ofART-CAPITAL Investment Group for active investors, where you can ask questions from the leading experts of the Ukrainian stock market, learn how to make balanced investment decisionsand find out how professionals work;

  • Meetings of ART CAPITAL Club that we hold for our Clients

    • meetings with analysts and portfolio managers of ART CAPITAL Investment Group;
    • theme roundtables on latest stock market events and important tendencies;
    • advice on filing tax reports;
    • presentations of new services of ART CAPITAL Investment Group.

The schedule of events is available here.

To participate in the seminars, please contact the Investor Academy educational project coordinator, call (044) 490-51-85, write at

More information can be found on the Russian version of the website

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