Investment Strategies

Success of investment depends, above all, on the right choice of investment strategy.
Investment strategy is a set of investment portfolio characteristics compiled according to Your goals and preferences: desired return, acceptable risk and term of management. Achieving investment goals and expected investment results is mostly feasible in the long run (given at least one-year-long commitment of funds).
Whereas in all developed countries stock exchange is actively used to attain various investment goals, for most Ukrainian investors, bank deposits remain the sole investment strategy and the only means of investment. Many do not trust the domestic stock market, fear losing invested cash or are simply unaware of this market’s principles and opportunities.
However, securities constitute one of the few types of assets allowing for greater earnings than traditional investments. 
IG ART Capital offers clients a wide range of investment strategies, with each implying different return-to-risk ratios and capable of fulfilling the needs of the most exacting investors.
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