Futures Market

The ART CAPITAL company introduces an online trading service for the futures market section of Ukrainian Exchange, which enables the client to trade in futures contracts made on the Ukrainian stock index UX.

Futures market - a market where trading in futures contracts takes place. Payments on a futures contract are finalized no earlier than two days from the day the contract was concluded, at the price and on the terms agreed upon at the time the contract was signed.
Futures - a stock exchange contract obliging both parties to sell/purchase an asset in the future at a predetermined price as per standard terms of futures contracts. Standard terms include duration of contract, terms of contract enforcement, size of base assets and size of margin. At the same time, no exchange of instruments occurs in a futures deal, i.e. the deal involves rights and obligations as for assets, not the assets themselves.
Access to the derivatives market boosts the scope of investment strategies of the parties involved and allows for a more efficient use of investment resources.
Futures trading opportunities:
  • use of various speculative trading strategies to gain from both a falling and a rising market
  • ability to earn using small amounts of capital even from small market fluctuations
  • use of the leverage effect
  • hedging open positions in stocks
  • ability to build arbitrage strategies
Brokerage tariffs within the futures market of Ukrainian Exchange
 Auction deals UAH 1.0 per deal
 Scalper deals UAH 0.5 per deal
 Non-auction deals UAH 1.0 per deal
 Enforcement of futures contracts UAH 2.0 per deal
 Enforcement of closures of loss-making deals UAH 4.0 per deal

No minimum fee is charged for using the QUIK terminal.

Details on futures market opportunities are available from our presentation and our professionals at (044) 490-51-85
The list of documents required to conclude an online futures trading services agreement is available here.


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