Consulting brokerage on the futures market

IG ART CAPITAL offers new opportunities for trading on the spot market by calling your broker.

The consulting brokerage service enables you to trade in derivatives, paying almost no attention to supply-and-demand analysis and the trading itself.

The Ukrainian spot market is booming, the Ukrainian Exchange futures index being one of the most liquid financial instruments.
Advantages of spot-market trading:
  1. Ability to hedge stock market risks. By buying stocks to benefit from their growth, you may simultaneously open short positions in futures, thus insuring your capital against potential stock market downturns. The hedging practice involving derivatives is commonly used on stock markets internationally.
  2. By purchasing an index futures, you effectively buy the 15 stocks making up the Ukrainian exchange index. To buy each of the stocks separately, you would have to spend multiple times the amount you spend on the index futures.
  3. Ability to receive high return on modest capital. Futures market fluctuations allow for earning 10% a day while using only 1/5 of your capital. For instance, if the price of a futures contract rises 1%, you earn 5%. In other words, trading on the futures market enables you to efficiently use the relatively small portion of your capital not invested in stocks. Such situations frequently arise when no clear-cut market trend is seen.
  4. No leverage fee. Trading in futures contracts envisages the use of a built-in leverage; i.e., in order to buy one futures contract worth UAH 2500, you will need only UAH 500 of own capital. No fee is charged for using the leverage.
Your broker will:
  • Help you determine the direction of the market and advise on which way your futures contract should be headed;
  • Track your account and notify you every time a margin call is due;
  • Promptly react to supply and demand fluctuations and suggest a solution.
Brokerage tariffs on Ukraine’s futures market
Supervising auction deals (purchase/sale of contracts) 
UAH 5 per contract
Enforcing futures contracts (ensuring payment upon contract maturity)
UAH 5 per contract
Enforcing closure of loss-making positions
UAH 5 per contract
For more on the consulting brokerage service, please contact our professionals at (044) 490-51-85


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