Beginner Basic Course

The alluring idea of trading on the stock exchange as a way – easy and simple at first sight – of earning additional income turns out a fiasco for most beginners.

Taking the basic trader training course from IG ART CAPITAL will allow You to insulate yourself from failures and financial losses, grasp the mechanism of working on the stock market and start actively and successfully trading in stocks.

This course will enable You to:
  • familiarize Yourself with all types of securities and features of their circulation
  • learn the main principles of working on the stock market
  • acquire practical trading skills and make first steps toward earnings
  • get experience and expand knowledge of securities trading
  • secure an additional source of income by trading on-line without leaving Your home or spending much time
You will also learn to:
  • know Your way around the stock market, even if this is only Your first experience and You are just starting to trade in securities
  • analyze share prices
  • get to the core of the situation at lightning speed and make the right choice
  • avoid typical mistakes of beginner investors
The course curriculum covers theoretical and practical aspects of stock market trading:
The theory part comprises getting to know the fundamentals of stock market trading, technical, fundamental and software analysis, trading tactics and strategies, risk-management and psychological aspects of money management.
The practical part consists in application of abstract knowledge of securities trading on the Ukrainian stock market in the real-time mode.
Length of course: two weeks.
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