Basic Seminars

We invite you to a series of free lectures and seminars for beginner investors and all those willing to learn more of stock market opportunities, practicalities of internet trading, fundamentals of investment in shares, open-ended equity funds, as well as opportunities and services offered by the investment group ART CAPITAL.

Most Important Things to Know about the Stock Market
The program covers the following topics:

  • Comparison of popular investment tools
  • Who participates in the Ukrainian stock market
  • Stock market for the private investor: myths busted
  • Risk-free investment opportunities
  • Projected return on major investment strategies
  • Criteria for securities selection
  • Company stocks recommended for investment
  • Advice on the choice of optimal investment solutions

Practical Advice on Online Trading in Stocks and Futures
The program covers the following topics:

  • Definition of online trading
  • Stock exchange trading benchmarks
  • Differences between the FOREX market and the Ukrainian stock market
  • Stocks recommended for investment
  • Projected return on major investment strategies
  • Description of client services when trading online
  • How to trade in UX index futures
  • How transact using the QUIK system
  • What to start with when choosing the Online-trading service

Managing Personal Finances 
The program covers the following topics:

  • Finding your personal financial temper
  • Practical advice on how to keep track of revenues and expenditures
  • Definition and management of personal inflation
  • Detecting hidden sources of financing (how to rid yourself of unnecessary expenses)
  • Practical recommendations on the use of tools to preserve and enhance capital.
Stock Market: New Opportunities, a regional seminar. 
  • What the investment process is and how to invest
  • How to earn on the stock market
  • What stock market opportunities are open to private investors
  • Instruments sold on the stock market; return on these instruments and risk associated with them
  • How to trade on your own, using internet trading
  • The products offered by ART CAPITAL    
Stock Trading Explained or How to Train Money to Work Better, a regional seminar.
  • Major investment options apart from the bank deposit
  • Comparative table of popular investment tools
  • Projected return on major financial instruments
  • The structure and major participants of the stock market
  • Ukrainian Exchange: Today and Tomorrow. Successful investment techniques
  • Internet trading as the best means of accumulating and increasing capital
  • Description  of the service and its peculiarities
  • Why Ukrainians choose internet-trading
  • Differences between the Forex market and the Ukrainian stock market.
  • Instruments for hedging stock-exchange risks
  • Description of customer service when using internet-trading
  • List of educational programs


To participate in the seminars, please call (044) 490-51-85 or write at

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