Our Team

Leonid Gorodetsky
Head of Supervisory Board of IFC ART CAPITAL
Director of AMC ART CAPITAL Management 
Leonid is a top professional. He has managed the company from its very inception in the year 2000, and is one of the key figures influencing the development of Ukraine’s securities market. He has more than once been elected a PFTS Board member. He shapes ART-CAPITAL Investment Group's strategy and policy and coordinates investor relations and partnership agenda. He has two degrees: in Economics and Engineering.
Volodymyr Bychnyk
Investment Director of ART CAPITAL Investment Group
Volodymyr has been working at the company since its inception in 2000 and on the Ukrainian stock market – virtually since its making in 1995. He has vast experience in the field of brokerage and dealing. He coordinates and controls stock trading of ART-CAPITAL Group on the stock market. He graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" with an Engineering degree and from the Kiev Economic University with a degree in Investment Management.
Dmytro Melnyk
CFO of ART CAPITAL Investment Group
Dmytro has been working at ART CAPITAL Investment Group since the day of its inception, has an excellent command of the intricacies of business activity, accounting and managerial accounting, as well as taxation of individuals and companies (including non-residents). He definitely is someone to refer when it comes to the ins and outs of investing in Ukraine.  Mr. Melnyk has a nine-year work experience on the stock market. He is a graduate of the Department of Finance and Economics of Kiev National Economic University. Apart from this, Dmytro is a professional boat racer.
Iryna Nekrasova
Director of ART-CAPITAL Custody
Iryna Petrivna supervises the company that provides custody services. 
She has a nine-year experience of working on the stock market and was a member of the PFTS Settlement Committee in 2005 and 2006.
Iryna Petrivna has degrees in Economics and Engineering and holds certificates in depository activities and stock trading. 
Her hobby is tourism.

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