Selling Short

ART Capital offers its clients shares for “bear” transactions (“selling short”) – a strategy of making profits on the falling of certain shares. Terms of the service – 25% annually, with the charge being applied to the period stipulated in the contract.
You temporarily borrow highly priced shares from a stock exchange broker and sell these shares on the market. You expect that the prices on the stock exchange will fall, and You will be able to buy the shares back at lower prices and return borrowed shares to the broker later on.
If You are trading stocks in short positions, You virtually sell shares You do not own as they belong to the broker from whom You have borrowed them. Using the revenue from selling the stocks at a higher price, you buy the same shares back at a lower price and return them to the broker.
Names available for marginal trading:
ALMK (Alchevsk Steel)
AVDK (Avdiivka Coke)
AZST (Azovstal)
BAVL (Reiffeisen Bank Aval)
CEEN (Centrenergo)
ENMZ (Enakiive Steel)
FORM (Bank Forum)
STIR (Concern Stirol)
UNAF (Ukrnafta)
USCB (Ukrsotsbank)
YASK (Yasynivsky Coke)
The list of the stocks available for marginal trading will continuously expand as new liquid issuers, sought-after by clients, appear.

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