Investment Banking

ART CAPITAL is one of Ukraine’s leading investment and financial companies, which provides the full range of investment banking services. ART CAPITAL is among the three leaders on the Ukrainian stock market and is an official partner with the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The company has earned a flawless reputation since its inception in 2000 and been a reliable and honest partner to Ukrainian and international investors.

We serve Ukrainian and international companies, state-owned enterprises, banks, strategic investors in different sectors of the economy, investment funds in Europe, the US, Asia and Russia.

As one of the best investment banking companies, we have extensive expertise in all sectors of the economy, including food industry, agriculture, oil and gas, glass, FMCG, retail, banking, pharmaceuticals, packaging, cardboard and paper goods, chemicals, real estate, metallurgy, machinery, alternative energy, telecommunications and mineral resources.

Contact person

Alexander Snitsarenko
Director, Investment Banking
Tel. +380 44 490 51 85
Mob. +380 67 404 33 87


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