Individual Trader

Individual trader is a servicewhereby the client authorizes a professional trader to manage his relatively small capital to generate maximum return on investment.

If you are keen on keeping your investments liquid and prefer to earn a higher-than-bank-deposit return but have little time or training to actively trade and make independent decisions about stocks, you have the opportunity to fully entrust the management of your funds to ART CAPITAL traders.
The trading is carried out using the most wide-spread stock market tools, such as shares and futures, and follows a specifically designed strategy within an approved risk-management model. Clients receive daily reports of all transactions performed.

Capital management strategies
Historical annual return: 50%
Potential risk: 20%
Historical annual return: 35%
Potential risk: 10%

How much it costs
The minimum investment size is UAH 30,000.
The stock market trader fee is 0.05%; the futures market trader fee is UAH 0.5-1 a contract.
Management premium: 20% of net profit. Is charged on a monthly basis.
How to cash out
Cash-out requests are accepted on any working day.
To enable the most profitable asset disposal, the client is advised to inform the manager in advance.
For more on these and other issues, please contact your manager or call (044) 490-51-85.


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