Loans from international financial institutions
Attracting classic and syndicated loans from international banks and financial institutions
Obtaining subordinated loans for banks

Investment loans, project finance
Raising funds to finance companies’ investment projects, real estate projects
Raising funds to finance infrastructure projects (including private-public partnerships) in the following segments:

  • Utilities (water utilities and purification, recycling and burning waste, district heating networks);
  • Transportation (toll roads and road infrastructure, bridges and tunnels, railways and railway crossings, sea ports and port buildings, airports and city infrastructure);
  • Alternative energy;
  • Stadiums and objects of sports infrastructure;
  • Metropolitan real estate (office buildings and projects, hospitals and schools).

Representing investors with state authorities participating in projects.

Debt capital
Raising debt capital through the issuance of domestic bonds, Eurobonds, including such financial instruments as LPN, CLN
Issuing domestic municipal bonds

Equity capital
We carry out public and private offerings on international stock exchanges and their alternative markets. We aid our clients in conducting public and private placements of shares on virtually any of the world’s major stock markets, enabling the client to raise equity capital from the most liquid market

We assist Ukrainian companies during initial private offerings (IPO) of their shares, secondary private offerings (SPO) on international stock exchanges and their alternative markets, including the Warsaw Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange and others

In August 2010, the company became an official IPO partner to the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the largest stock exchange in Central and Eastern Europe, giving the company’s clients direct access to the region’s international capital market and obtaining access to various types of financing for Ukrainian companies We prepare Ukrainian companies for IPOs by restructuring and overhauling their businesses, providing all necessary advice, conducting pre-IPO analysis (evaluating a company’s readiness for a successful IPO on various international stock exchanges)

Consulting and representing Ukrainian and international investors during privatizations of objects in Ukraine and other countries, analyzing and evaluating the objects prior to privatization, representing investors (buyers) with state privatization authorities

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