Custodian Services

Custodian “ART-CAPITAL Custody” actively cooperates with all three Ukrainian depositories. Clients face no restrictions in their choice of securities or trading floors.

Our clients can be legal entities and physical persons, residents and nonresidents, professional stock exchange members and investors.

At the Depositor’s disposal is the full spectrum of Custodian services, our staff’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism, and up-to-date hardware and software.

  • Opening securities accounts for legal and physical persons directly via account manager
  • Custody of securities, issued in documentary or non-documentary form;
  • Handling the circulation of securities in securities accounts, depositing and writing-off, blocking and unblocking, immobilization and materialization, relocation of securities
  • Carrying out clearing operations: delivery versus payment; support of transactions effected on stock exchanges with advance booking of securities and cash;
  • Executing corporate operations of a securities issuer: opening investor accounts, depositing the issue on the accounts
  • Maintaining mutual investment institutions: corporate and mutual investment funds;
  • Information services: providing Depositors with excerpts, summaries and other information on deposited securities, preparing account registers;
  • Depositing securities into share capital of enterprises
  • Advising on issues of securities property rights accounting


Tel./fax: (044) 495-19-88



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