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Every person, no matter the age or income, has small and big goals to achieve: educating kids, vacationing, buying a house, etc. These goals affect how we plan out our lives. Unfortunately, we are not always able to realize our dreams. And this is where savings enter the picture.

We have given serious thought to how to combine all advantages of bank deposits and stock market investment tools in one convenient and affordable way to fulfill your goals. And we have come up with a solution called ART Kopilka.
Purpose: increasing return without running greater risk of losing the principal investment amount
Return: 40% annually
Investment size: UAH 500 and up
Ability to replenish the account: no less than UAH 500. You can send additional funds to your account through a bank transfer.
Maturity: one month and longer.
Risks: only the principal amount being refunded at yearend in case of no force majeure such as government defaults or bank defaults
Liquidity: funds are returned to the investor within 5 working days of the request. The cash is transferred to the client’s bank account.
Investment strategy: conservative.
Assets: OVDPs, deposits, corporate bonds, UX futures contracts
90% of the funds is spent on OVDP bonds, deposits and corporate bonds. The share of each of these instruments changes continually, depending on the economy and interest rates. This combination of financial instruments preserves the body of your savings.
10% of the ART Kopilka is invested in UX futures contracts, providing the extra return on your savings.
Given that risk-free assets on average return 10-15% annually, which is also the highest risk pertaining to futures contracts, the first part of the ART Kopilka fully covers the risks associated with the second part.
Applicable fees:
-          - Topping up your account involves a 2% fee
-          - Maintaining a securities account costs UAH 50 a year
Assuming a historical return and monthly deposits of UAH 500, the following table shows how the actual return on investment is obtained.
Total amount deposited:
UAH 6 000 (UAH 500 monthly for 12 month)
Average annual rate:
UAH 1170
- deposits
- securities account maintenance
UAH 170
2%*6000 = UAH 120
UAH 50
Net income:
1170-170=UAH 1000
Realized annual return:
Increasing the regularly deposited amount to UAH 1000 yields a 31.5% return. When the return on the model portfolio rises to 45%, the net annual return on your investment will reach 39.8%. The size of return and the ability to cash out any time without losing percentages makes the ART Money Box more profitable than a bank deposit.

To become owner of an ART Money Box account, you have to:
  1. Get in touch with us at (044) 490 51 83 or
  2. Sign a package of documents.
  3. Remit funds.


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